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Make your photos ready for the internet with three easy steps:

Step 1: Dimensions setting

Step 2: Contrast improvement

Step 3: Text addition

Show your creativity with scaling and editing in real time. The image is always displayed like the resulting picture (WYSIWYG). Batch processing is not intended.


  • WYSIWYG in real time
  • Scaling presets (ratio and width)
  • Free image scaling (width and height)
  • Free photo scaling and positioning inside the image
  • Photo angle setting
  • Contrast setting
  • Optional image text addition (with drag & drop)
  • Optional exif tags writing (photo's date/time and keywords)
  • Optional copies in three sizes
  • Optional app folders usage (in and out)
  • Fast loading of photo miniatures for selection
  • Miniatures loading from folders and subfolders
  • Single photo picker
  • Can be used for file opening
  • Photo display in original size
  • File path copy-function
  • Animations can be disabled

1 Dimensions setting

The outer measurements of the image can be set by presets for ratio and width (presets menu bar button).

With sliders for width and height you can set these values freely (image width slider, image height slider). The display measurements of the photo can then be adjusted accordingly (photo width slider).

A photo’s display size on a monitor must not exceed its actual size. Otherwise the pixels are not sufficient. That’s why the measurements of the displayed image must be smaller than the original measurements of the photo, if you want to create a section.

You can detect this easily from the position of the photo width slider. If it can be dragged to the right scope is available. If it is not the case you have to select a smaller preset.

Next you bring the scaled photo in the right position by means of the scrollbars inside the image. You can vary measurements and position easily until you are satisfied with the result.

With the bottom slider you can change the photo's angle. Then you crop the slanted edges by creating an image section, if necessary.

2 Contrast improvement

The contrast can be improved with a slider. Changes are displayed directly.

3 Text addition

Image text

You can enter text for two fields, which is displayed directly.

Next the text can be set in position with drag & drop. Or it can be set in the horizontal and vertical center by means of the dropdown menu.


With the optional exception of date and time (Exif.Image.DateTimeOriginal) no metadata of the original photo is taken and stored.

Also optional keywords can be added to the image (and the copies) and are stored under the Exif tag Exif.Photo.UserComment. The tag can be used for order and search purposes. Maximal length is 80 characters.


File types

The file types JPEG and PNG are supported for file opening. For file saving JPEG is supported.

App folders

By default the app folder "WebPhotoDesigner" and the subfolders "In" and "Out" are created in the standard pictures folder.

Photos stored in the in-folder are displayed on the selection panel without any further dialog by using the open-button. Before you can either fill the in-folder or you can replace it with an equally named folder.

The newly generated images are saved in the out-folder directly without dialog. The folder can be copied or moved afterwards.

The feature can be deactivated in the app's settings and the folders can be deleted. On activating the feature the folders will be created again, if necessary.


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Please check first for the current version being installed.

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